Brand Overview

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Brand Overview

The “Jejo by Kim In Soon” label

hopes to provide the most primitive form of comfort to people’s table with products produced (“jejo”) with ingredients
sourced from pristine environments, and all the time and care a mother would put into making food for her children.

Fromwell produces food in the name of master artisan Kim In Soon

who has dedicated her life towards producing healthy Korean food products for customers.
Based on her pride and artisan spirit for carefully prepared food,
Fromwell improves the quality of food that go on to the tables of its customers with products full of devotion and dedication.

*What does “Jejo (production)” mean?
Jejo (제조, 製造) [ Je ː jo ] [noun]
1. Act of creating goods at a factory
2. Act of applying artificial means to raw ingredients and creating elaborate goods. The word Jejo (production)” has the above definitions in the dictionary.

This is our promise to offer products produced with great care from the producer,
products that can provide healthy benefits with each and every spoon to our customers.