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Consent to the Collection and Utilization of Personal Information

Fromwell collects and utilizes your personal information in compliance with the following policy.

Fromwell collects personal information items strictly relevant to its corresponding objectives. It promises to protect and manage your personal information transparently and safely.

As such, Fromwell seeks your consent to the collection and utilization of your personal information.

- Purpose of collecting and utilizing personal information

Fromwell collects personal information to send product information and to provide more accurate answers to your online inquiries.

- Collected items

Required items: Name, e-mail, phone number

- Retention period

In principle, Fromwell destroys personal information immediately when it attains the purpose of collecting and utilizing the corresponding information.

- Right to refuse the collection and utilization of personal information, and disadvantages stemming from your refusal

You can refuse the collection and utilization of personal information by Fromwell. However, please note that you will not be able to use Fromwell’s services if you refuse the collection and utilization of personal information.