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Certifications & Awards

Certifications & Awards

Certified traditional fermented food products

product/service maintenance to consumers
Certifying Institution International Standard Organization (ISO)
DetailsISO confirmed that the quality management and customer service system for Fromwell’s products meet international standards, and that the systems are maintained and managed continuously into future renewal periods.
ISO14001: 2004 - Objective certification used in order to evaluate the environmental management system employed for the company's activities
Certifying InstitutionInternational Standard Organization (ISO)
DetailsISO14001 is an objective certification that evaluates the environmental management systems employed for the business activities of a company. ISO assessed whether Fromwell complied with applicable environmental laws and regulations, and whether it had a comprehensive environmental management system featuring an environmental policy, action plan, implementation and operation plan, inspection and corrective measures, management review, and continuous improvement plans. ISO concluded that Fromwell satisfied all requirements and issued the ISO14001 certification.
ISO22000: 2005 - An international specifications certificate used in order to evaluate and prove a company’s compliance with food safety requirements
Certifying Institution International Standard Organization (ISO)
DetailsISO22000 enables ISO to assess and prove the suitability of a Company’s food safety-related features, and demonstrate its management of food safety risk factors. This certification ensures food safety from the farm and all the way to the table based on the following commonly accepted key components: - Two-way communication / System management / Lead programs / HACCP principles
Certifying Institution ISSUANCE of Halal Certificate
DetailsHalal is an overarching term for products that are permitted for consumption and use by Muslims under Islamic Law. Vegetables, grains, seafood (fish), chicken, and beef are considered Halal. The Halal Certificate certifies that Fromwell products are safe for Muslim consumers to eat.
Kw Master of Fermentation
Certifying Institution World Food Culture Center (WFCC)
DetailsJointly governed by the World Food Culture Center (Chairperson Yang Hyang-ja) and the Korea Food Coordinator Association (Chairperson Jin Hang-ho), the Kw Master certificate is a certification system for a variety of fields related to fermented food aimed at promoting and commercializing local food on the global market. In order to be acquire the certificate, a candidate must have at least 20 years of research experience in fermented food, have experience winning awards at various culinary contests, and a current expert serving at a traditional food culture center or food research center.
Certified as a venture capital corporation
Certifying Institution Technical Evaluation Guarantee
DetailsFromwell researched and developed new processed products based on fermentation techniques in 2017. It was acknowledged for its growth potential thanks to improved performance stemming from its new products, and received a venture capital corporation certification from the Korea Technology Finance Corporation based on technical evaluation results.
Certifying Institution The FDA is an independent administrative body that reports to the US Department of Health and Human Services. It is in charge of approving food and medicine in the US.
Facility Registration Number14921418370
DetailsA certification process to manage the efficacies and safety of food products exported to the US market.
CLEAN Business Certificate (No. 83368)
DetailsA certificate designed to help people work in safer, cleaner environments, and to help businesses provide better quality products and services. Selecting organization: Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency / Details: The certificate proves that a particular place of business has a safe working environment in terms of occupational safety and health (governed by the Ministry of Employment and Labor).
""Patent"” Registration Certificate (Stir Fried Gochujang with Korean Beef)
Certifying InstitutionKorean Intellectual Property Office
Registration No.Patent-2018-0155828
DetailsProduction method for stir fried Gochujang containing Korean beef, and the stir fried Gochujang with Korean beef product produced using the production method.
""Patent"” Registration Certificate (Gourmet Fig Jam)
Certifying Institution Korean Intellectual Property Office
Registration No.Patent-2018-0166041
DetailsProduction method for fig jam containing cinnamon, and the fig jam product produced using the production method.