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Produce Master Greetings

I am Kim In Soon, owner of the “Jejo by Kim In Soon” label.

I create my food to provide the most primitive form of comfort for your table with all the care you would expect from a devoted mother.

Food makes people happy.

In particular, food our mothers used to cook for us has something special in them
that comfort us deep down in our heart, and almost a medicinal effect that makes our body feel better.
Kim In Soon, better known simply as “Mrs. Kim” to those around her, makes everyone feel
comfortable like your friendly next door neighbor or one of your aunts in your family, and her food reflects that.
Mrs. Kim creates her food honestly and earnestly, like a mother would for her children.
“Jang (pastes)” are the foundation of every dish we cook at home. Mrs. Kim produces her Jang with pristine ingredients sourced locally from Jangheung.
She patiently ferments all of her ingredients and adds her magical touch

To provide the most primitive form of comfort for everyone.

Food is the most primitive form of comfort.
"Food is the most primitive form of comfort."
- Sheilah Graham -