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From the desire to provide healthy food

Jangheung is home to a pristine environment, surrounded by Hinoki Cypress trees and valleys with clear water.

It has clean mountains and valleys hidden away from people. The clean water flowing from Cheongwansan Mountain and the nearby ocean supply plenty of moisture to the region, and create a fantastic natural environment with a temperate climate. Fermented foods from Fromwell bring you deep and satisfying flavors thanks to ingredients sourced from beautiful natural environments and grown under pristine local conditions. Not only that, Fromwell uses strictly traditional fermenting techniques with great care to deliver healthy and delicious products. It produces high-quality Jang (paste) products that bring out the subtle flavors locked away deep inside its raw ingredients.
장인 artisan

Kim In Soon is Fromwell’s “Jejo
(production” Master in charge of fermented food products.
She is a master artisan and a recipient of a Minister of Agriculture,
Food and Rural Affairs government commendation
in recognition of her contributions to the development of
agricultural, forestry, livestock, and food industries. Mrs. Kim produces her food
with all the care and dedication of a mother who has sent her children away to the big cities.
She puts her recipes and the taste of home into her products
in the hope that consumers can enjoy some thoughtfully prepared food at least once a day.

재료 raw material

Fromwell uses grains from the vast fields in Naju,
and other traditionally produced local fruits and vegetables grown
in the fertile fields and under the temperate oceanic climate of
its surrounding regions.

환경 gift of nature

Jangheung has Cheongwansan Mountain
- which is full of old trees and a Hinoki Cypress forest
- like a folding screen to the north, and the pristine Tamjingang River
- one of the three largest rivers in the Namdo area which gets
its name from the legend that says people from Tamlado Island (Jeju Island)
reached mainland Korea for the first time near the Tamjingang River
- to the south. Traditionally, this makes the region topographically
auspicious with mountains in the north and a river in the south.
Fromwell uses crystal clear water sourced near the clean ocean.