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Ganjang 3pc Set(Gourmet Ganjang)

What does Gourmet mean? Gourmet refers to a “person with extensive knowledge in culinary subjects, an epicure.”
Fromwell’s Gourmet Ganjang is a premium Ganjang product made with onions harvested from the fertile fields of Muan and shitake mushrooms from nearby Jangheung. The onions and shitake mushrooms are added to Fromwell’s traditional Ganjang (soybeans 100% harvested in Korea and 100% sun-dried salt) and simmered slowly to produce the Gourmet Ganjang. The Yuja Ganjang, featuring Yuja from Goheung, and Spicy Ganjang, featuring Red Peppers from Cheongyang, are the perfect replacement for other seasoning products when preparing vegetable salads or marinating meat. Fromwell’s Ganjang 3pc Set is a refined and sophisticated gift that can add some savory flavor to various dishes.

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